World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft 8.3

The most popular massively multiplayer roleplaying game
Enter the world of Azeroth from the Warcraft strategy franchise and go on various adventures. Create a character belonging to one of the races fighting for the Horde or the Alliance. Kill monsters, complete quests, earn experience and money to improve your equipment, etc.

World of Warcraft... where do we start? A game so legendary, it became synonymous with MMO as a genre. Gameplay so addictive, people actually died refusing to stop playing. A franchise so influential, it is now getting a live-action blockbuster movie. But what was the beginning of the massive cult that is World of Warcraft?

In its core WoW is a pretty standard 3D game with a role-playing system that wasn't that revolutionary when the game originally came out. Players were able to travel around the fantasy world of Warcraft games, complete quests, gain experience, items, weapons and armor, communicate with each other, form guilds. Later, different expansions, patches and add-ons made the world bigger, improved visuals and technical performance of the game, etc. It's pretty much useless to try and describe a decade of history in a single review, but it's safe to say that ten years ago WoW looked almost nothing like the gigantic most popular online RPG in the world. The game still sells thank largely to regular and devoted support from the developers who know well what a cash cow it is.

Today, although it's graphically dated beyond terrible, World of Warcraft is still the juggernaut of online gaming. You probably know what it is. And if you don't, you will.

James Lynch
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  • A decade's worth of reputation
  • Regular updates


  • Graphics are inevitably dated
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