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World of Warcraft

The most popular massively multiplayer roleplaying game
World of Warcraft v8.3.0.33528
16 Sep 2020
World of Warcraft v8.2.5.32750
1 Jul 2019
World of Warcraft v8.0.1.28153
17 Jul 2018
World of Warcraft v7.2.5.24742
28 Mar 2017
World of Warcraft v6.2.4.21742
11 Jun 2015
Editorial review
World of Warcraft v6.1.2.19865
11 Jan 2015
World of Warcraft v6.0.3.19342
29 Jun 2014
World of Warcraft v6.0.3.19243b β
11 Apr 2014
World of Warcraft v5.4.8
13 Jun 2013
World of Warcraft v5.3.0.17128
27 Mar 2013
World of Warcraft v5.2.0.16826
31 Jan 2013
World of Warcraft v5.1.0.16357
27 Nov 2012
World of Warcraft v5.0.5.16135
29 Mar 2012
World of Warcraft v5.0.5.16048b β
24 Mar 2012
World of Warcraft v4.3.4.15595
28 Sep 2011
World of Warcraft v4.2.2.14545
5 May 2011
World of Warcraft v4.0.6.13623
9 Nov 2010
World of Warcraft v3.3.5.12340
29 Jan 2009
World of Warcraft v3.3.5b
3.3.5 β
23 Mar 2013
World of Warcraft v3.2.2.10505
31 May 2009
World of Warcraft v3.1
19 Jan 2009
World of Warcraft v3.0.1.301
17 Aug 2008
World of Warcraft v2.4.3
26 Mar 2008
Editorial review
World of Warcraft v2.1.2.1387
9 Sep 2008
World of Warcraft v2.0.1.53
13 Aug 2008
World of Warcraft v1.8.0.394
27 Jul 2008
World of Warcraft v1.7.0.476
10 Sep 2008
World of Warcraft v1.6.3.280
14 Feb 2008
World of Warcraft v1.4.3.100
1 Mar 2008
World of Warcraft v1.16.1.2943
25 Jul 2008
World of Warcraft v1.16.1.2943b β
1 May 2014
World of Warcraft v1.0.0.1113
26 Jul 2008
World of Warcraft v1.0b
1.0 β
9 Mar 2014

What's new

v8.2.5.32750 [1 Jul 2019]
- Players can again properly earn the I Pitied the Fool achievement in Arathi Basin.
Dungeons and Raids:
- Ny’alotha, the Waking City:
- Wrathion, The Black Emperor
- Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving loot if they did not generate threat during the encounter.
- Operation: Mechagon – Junkyard:
- Resolved an issue where Scrapbone Grunters summoned during the King Gobbamak encounter could spawn Explosive Orbs on Mythic Keystone dungeon difficulty.
Items and Rewards:
- Thaumaturge Vashreen has relocated his supplies of the Deathslaver's Hauberk, and it can again be obtained for Titan Residuum.
- Corrupted Items.
- Fixed a bug which caused Devour Vitality (Corrupted Effect) on the polearm An'zig Vra to have a lower Critical Hit chance than intended.
- Fixed a bug which could cause Devour Vitality to fail to deal damage for players with Balance Affinity who were auto-attacking from maximum range.
- Fixed a bug where canceling the Echoing Void (Corrupted Effect) buff did not immediately stop it from dealing damage.
- Ineffable Truth (Corruption Effect) should again correctly reduce the cooldown of Fire Elemental spell and the Stormkeeper and Storm Elemental Talents for Elemental Shaman.
- Thing from Beyond's (Corrupted Effect) damage is no longer increased by Demonology's Master Demonologist passive or Beast Mastery's Master of Beasts passive.
- Thing from Beyond's damage is no longer increased by the corrupted player's Versatility.
- Resolved an issue that could cause Twisted Appendage and Infinite Stars (Corrupted Effects) to break crowd control effects on players (e.g. Mages’ Polymorph).
- Fixed a bug that prevented the new Visions of N’Zoth troops from counting towards Champion abilities.
- "Aqir Instincts" and "Honing Instincts" no longer have their progress blocked by being in a raid group or when summoning or dismissing the Shadowbarb Hatchling. Kills made while in a raid group will still fail to grant experience to grow your Shadowbarb Hatchling.
WoW Classic:
- Battleground scoreboards no longer list the enemy team until your entire team has clicked Enter Battleground. The scoreboard remains visible for everyone once the battleground has started.

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